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supporting the objective tracking of disease progression in patients with multiple sclerosis


brain region quantification, report generation, brain volume changes

Intended Use

icobrain is intended for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures from a set of MR or CT images. This software is intended to automate the current manual process of identifying, labeling and quantifying the volume of segmentable brain structures identified on MR or CT images.

General Information

Anatomy: Neuro
Processing time: 5 to 15 Minutes
Product Category: Quantification

Data Characteristics

Input Format: DICOM
Output Format: DICOM


FDA Status: Class II

Purchasing Options

Stand-alone applications can be used with any viewer.Bundled applications require a proprietary viewer.

Distribution Channels

Primary Features

The measurements help to make better clinical decisions for patients with multiple sclerosis, dementia and traumatic bra
For multiple sclerosis patients, this reduces time on costly suboptimal treatments by a factor 3.
For dementia and brain trauma a more reliable diagnosis can be made faster and more reliable.

Model Training and Performance

Our software combines classical image processing and machine learning, together with deep learning. We reached top performances as published in multiple publications.

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